*Please Note: The following 'instructions' are simply our recommendations for your tanning process.
Sun Beds

Always wear protective eyewear


 1. If you're on medication, make sure your medication is not affected by UV Light.

2. Shower, shave, and exfoliate.

3. Remove make up and jewelry.

4. Apply lip balm and tanning lotions.

Spray Tan + Booths

 1. Shave the night/day before an appointment. 

2. Exfoliate beforehand (using oil-free exfoliant).

3. Wear loose-fitting clothes (including loose shoes/sandals).

Do not:

Shave right before an appointment

Apply lotions or deodorants

Wear make-up

Wear tight-fitting clothes (to the appointment).

Wear jewelry


 1. Do not shower after the first 8 hours following your appointment (unless otherwise consulted).

2. Use water only for your initial wash-off.

3. After your first shower, you can return to your normal routine (including Deodorant, work out, pants, etc.!).

4. Keep your skin moisturized to retain your tan for as long as possible.

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